Beers We Brew

Hop Down

Hop Down is our flagship New England-style IPA. The big citrus, tropical and stone fruit character comes from the hops. Combined with a soft body and the classic hop haze, this beer is one we hope Y’Uhl love as much as we do.

Loh Doun

“Low Down” is a hazy pale ale meant for hot summer days, mowing the lawn, or just doing nothing. Featuring a similar hop profile as Hop Down, but in a slimmer package meant to drink in volume. This is an itty bitty hoppy beer that keeps your attention pint after pint.


In honor of the brewer’s old man, Ray’s is a crisp and refreshing Vienna-style lager. One day, Ray asked Aaron if he could make something besides that ‘foo foo stuff.’ Aaron brewed the prototype for Ray’s and took home gold in a competition for amber lagers. Yeah, we brew some things besides that foo foo stuff!

Coffee Roasters

Is that coffee in your beer or beer in your coffee? Collaborating with local coffee roasters to display their love of the bean and our love of the grain, each batch features a unique blend of coffee from one of Colorado’s large group of artisan coffee roasters paired with the right stout to accentuate the coffee’s true colors.

Milkshake & Maltshake IPAs

Many are familiar with the Milkshake IPA, brewed with a bit of milk sugar and vanilla for a sweeter and creamier profile. We like to brew ours with gobs of fruit and tropical hops. Sometimes we forego the milk sugar for our lactose-intolerant and vegan friends, creating a ‘Maltshake’ IPA where the residual sweetness makes hop & fruit candy in a glass.

Schtuft Stout

Schtuft represents a series of extremely decadent imperial stouts schtuft to the gills with indulgent ingredients. Our imperial stouts eschew maximum roast for the more chocolatey side, and then we pack these high ABV flavor powerhouses with classic dessert favorites.

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